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Discover the benefits of Iyengar® yoga

Yoga is your key to flexibility, strength, balance and alignment. Learn how to listen to your body and increase your mind body awareness.

Yoga Yourself runs weekly classes in and around Saddleworth and Oldham. Students receive plenty of individual help and instruction.

Beginners and experienced students welcome.

Coronavirus and our classes

Following the latest Government announcement on limiting non essential contact to try and delay the spread of coronavirus, all our yoga classes have been temporarily cancelled. We all value our yoga, especially at times such as these, but the safety of our yoga community and wider society is much more important.

Our online Zoom classes have bee a great success over the Spring and Summer but we have decided to press the pause button on these for the moment. Videos of our most recent online classes are still available to buy on our 'Booking' page. You can also download our free practice plans on our 'Resources' page. There is plenty there to keep you going. This could be a really good opportunity for you to develop your home practice.

Magical Mountains Yoga Retreat 2019

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Flexibility, strength, balance and body alignment

Key to the IYENGAR® method is the use of props to help the body move into the correct positions. Props are objects like wooden blocks, foam pads, chairs, blankets and belts. These help the student adjust or support the body in the different postures so that they can work in a range of motion that is both safe and effective. Regular practice makes you feel healthier and stronger in body, mind and spirit. It lets you focus, relax, and work your body all at the same time.